We Are Green

All of the paper products used at Twist and Smash’d are made from compostable recycled materials like bamboo, cardboard and paper. All of our kitchen supplies are run with energy star efficiency, helping to cut down on our carbon footprint.


We Compost

All our food waste is composted and broken down so it can be reused as a natural fertilizer.


We Care About Your Food

We  buy our meat and produce from trusted vendors that naturally and humanely raise their animals and produce.


We Use NYC Natural Spring Water

We use NYC Water, which is supplied from 19 reservoirs and 3 lakes. This allows us to cut our plastic/aluminum waste by 60% by not using cans or bottles.


We Make Your Food

No factories or machines all our food, packaged snacks and beverages are homemade.


We Give Back

Twist and Smash’d has lent a helping hand to organizations like Million Trees, City Harvest and the local community.