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Wednesday, January 21, 2015
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Twist and Smash’d anniversary of its first year in business is November 28-30 and joins the ‘Shop Small’ movement on Small Business Saturday with American Express.

On the last weekend of November in 2013, Twist and Smash’d opened its doors to the pubic on Austin Street in Queens. In celebration of this momentous occasion Twist and Smash’d is hosting its first birthday bash on November 28-30, all weekend long.

Its customers will be given free treats and party favors as a ‘thank you’ for being a customer to the smash’d burgers and twisted potatoes. The Twist and Smash’d celebration aims to recreate a historical moment for this delicious eatery.

Last year, Brianna Cano and her family opened Twist and Smash’d, a quick-serve burger joint that also offers twisted potatoes, a unique twist on the traditional french fry. The family opened a spot on the busy Austin Street in Forest Hills, one of the main shopping strips. Flooded with heavy foot traffic, quick and easy commuting access, this restaurant has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving for its remarkable one-year-old business.

The eatery is located at 72-06 Austin Street, as well as a second location, Twist and Smash’d Sports, is located on 34-02 Steinway Street, Long Island City, NY.

“This year has been a roller coaster of excitement at the Twist and Smash’d, but I could not be happier with how much we have accomplished in just one year,” said co-founder Brianna Cano.

“Watching this business grow and develop has been an eye opening experience and I love every minute of it.”

Come celebrate and have treats at their birthday bash — enjoy burgers with the option of being on one of their signature buns or whole wheat wraps and choose between Idaho potatoes or Japanese sweet potatoes. The Cano family first ate the twisted potato, cut with a special slicer, when on a family vacation in Ecuador and brought the concept to New York.

Additionally, On November 29 Twist and Smash’d teams up to celebrate the ‘shop small’ movement by American Express’ Small Business Saturday, traditionally following Black Friday. On Saturday, November 29, you are invited to ‘shop small’ at the Twist and Smash’d locations in effort to bring awareness and support small businesses. Twist and Smash’d is just one of the thousands participating in the movement of local businesses and encourages you to come have lunch with them to support local and ‘shop small’.

Twist and Smash’d was recently featured in the New Yorker for its famous twisted potato displayed in Sir Kensington’s Fries of New York, An Uncommon Exhibit. Author, Mark Singer, stated: Twist and Smash’d, in Astoria and Forest Hills, home of the exhibit’s pomme de résistance, a symmetrical tornado-shaped fry cut from a single potato.

“We were in Ecuador three years ago and found this handheld spiral cutter in a bodega,” Rob says. “I don’t know the name of it, but we brought it back, put it with a smashed burger, patented it, and wrapped a whole franchise around it. Business got so good we had to switch to an electrical-powered cutter. What do we call that? We call it the potato machine.”

For further information regarding the Twist and Smash’d birthday bash, Small Business Saturday or press inquiries, contact info(at)twistandsmashd(dot)com.

ABOUT Twist and Smash’d and Twist and Smash’d Sports
Twist and Smash’d and Twist and Smash’d Sports was created by chef Robert Cano and his daughters while on a family vacation to Ecuador in 2010. In Ecuador the family found a small café that sold twisted potatoes. Enchanted by this idea of a potato on a stick, they brought it back to New York and Twist and Smash’d was born. Twist and Smash’d is owned by Cano Ventures Corp, a sister Corporation to Rcano Group which owns and operates Rcano Events. Robert Cano is the president of RCano Events off premise catering company. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, which means he knows (and loves) food and has led the field in incorporating organic, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients. For information please call (718) 261-4527 or visit


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